"We are committed to creating the world a better place through the execution and implementation of social impact and sustainable investment."


To be the champion of social impact and sustainability investment in developing markets.


To be a social impact, sustainable investor, and investment executioner with common sense. Maintain perfect project execution record. To provide an avenue for growth for all stakeholders.


Food is a fundamental need for all of us, and that starch and sweetener industry plays a vital role in ensuring a continuous supply of these essential ingredients.

As a true specialist in starch and sweetener, we have over 40 years of passion and experience in production, research and development. We are committed to creating a better world through the execution of our innovative starch and sweetener solutions. We are proud to be a leading starch and sweetener supplier, and we will continuous to work hard to maintain this position for many years to come.

Our Sahasin Starch Plant in Chanthaburi is responsible for manufacturing all of our starch  products. The plant consists of three  main sections: an industrial modified  starch plant, a food grade modified  starch plant, and a glucose syrup plant. Each section has a production capacity of 24,000 tons per annum. In addition, the plant also has a maltose syrup plant with a production capacity of 15,000 tons per annum. All of our starch products are manufactured to the highest standards and are subject to strict quality control measures. As a result, our customers can be confident that they are receiving the best possible product.


Cassava is a tuberous root that is grown in many tropical countries. It is an important food crop, and cassava flour is used in a variety of foods, including cassava bread and cassava cake. In addition to its food-grade applications, cassava is also used in the production of starch, maltodextrin, and glucose syrup. These products are used in the paper, food, and cardboard industries. Cassava is also used as a biofuel. The cassava plant is a source of income for small farmers and provides employment for many people in the developing world.